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1/27/2007 - Saugatuck
3/30/2006 - On Tour - Indianapolis
1/21/2006 - Banana Juice
8/29/2005 - Bugs in the Ear
8/9/2005 - Down Time
6/16/2005 - Potatoes and Nut Salt
5/10/2005 - From L.A., California

What is AfterNine?

Unable to play until the little ones were snug in their slumber, rehearsals never began until after nine p.m.. Hence the name.

AfterNine is the concept created by Jason Eller and Rick Boyd in 1999. After Rick bade farewell to the project to focus on family, Jason; compelled by desire for musical expression and a desire to allow all to see what it is to pour out the past into song, lays it out whenever he is now on stage alone.

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